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Dr. Alaoui Jamali
A Professor of oncology and senior Cancer scientist at McGill University’s Departments of Oncology and Medicine (Montreal, Canada).

Dr. Antonio F. Logrieco
Director of Institute of Sciences of Food Production, National Research Council of Italy.
President of International Society for Mycotoxicology and Mediterranean Phytopathological Union.

Dr. Hans P. van Egmond
Senior scientist, working at RIKILT, Wageningen UR, the Netherlands. RIKILT Conducts Independent Research into the Safety and Quality of Food.

Dr. Houda Berrada Ramdani
Professeur Titulaire de Toxicologie, Département de Médecine Préventive et Santé Publique, Sciences de l’Alimentation Toxicologie et Médicine Légale.

Dr. Isabelle P. OSWALD
INRA, ToxAlim, Research Center in Food Toxicology, France
qualified as an engineer in agricultural sciences in France in 1980

Pr. Abdellah ZINEDINE
Professeur à l'Université Chouaib Doukkali , El Jadida, Maroc.
Il est co-fondateur et Secrétaire général de la Société Marocaine de Mycotoxicologie (MSM).

Dr. Maya Piñeiro
Holds a Ph.D. (Microbiology) from Catholic University, Washington D.C., USA, a Masters in Science and a B.A. (Biochemistry) from Georgetown University.

Dr. Antonio Moretti
Master in Plant Pathology at “Università Degli Studi Aldo Moro” of Bari. He works from 1989 at the Istituto Tossine e Micotossine da Parassiti Vegetali (ITEM, since 2001 Institute of Sciences of Food Production, ISPA)

Pr. Abdelrhafour Tantaoui El Araki
Ingénieur Agronome et Docteur en Microbiologie, spécialité Microbiologie Alimentaire et Biotechnologie. Ses principales préoccupations de recherche sont...

Expert-Toxicologue, Professeur des Universités à l’Université de Bretagne Occidentale UBO en France et Responsable du Master 2 Pro ARTOX.

Dr. Khalid Bouzoubaa
Lauréat de l’Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II en 1981. Obtenu un PhD en Microbiologie Vétérinaire de l’Université Minnesota en 1988. Ex professeur de pathologie aviaire à l’IAV Hassan II.

Pr Karima El Rhazi
Physician Epidemiologist, is a Professor of Epidemiology and Community Medicine and Director of the Laboratory "Epidemiology, Clinical Research and Community Health" at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah Universit, Fez, Morocco.

Pr. Adnane REMMAL
Enseignant-chercheur depuis 26 ans à la Faculté des Sciences de Fès. Fondateur et Directeur de recherches. Laboratoire de valorisation des plantes aromatiques. Advanced Scientific Development (ASD), spécialisée dans la protection et la
valorisation d’inventions marocaines

Prof. J. David Miller
began his post-university career at Agriculture Canada in 1982. became head of the Fusarium mycotoxin program in 1988. became a Professor & NSERC Research Chair at Carleton University in 2000. has published >300 papers on and has co-written 8 books.

Pr Hassan Errihani
Professor of Medical Oncology at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, University Mohamed V, Rabat, Morocco. He is the Head of the Medical Oncology Department and Director of the research team "Transrational Oncology "at the National Institute of Oncology, Rabat, Morocco.

Message from the President


It is no longer necessary to remember the danger of mycotoxins for both human health and the health of livestock. The carcinogenic effects of several mycotoxins, however is continuously highlighted by scientists all over the world.

Given this worrying fact, many countries have undertaken epidemiological studies to determine the real impact of these toxic substances on the prevalence of certain cancers. On the other hand, they sat up a risk management along with a control system.

The relevance of such a system should be based on clear regulations in order to set for the most dangerous mycotoxins, threshold limits not to be exceeded in different types of foodstuffs and feedstuffs. Powerful analytical methods should be developed within a network of accredited laboratories. This will ensure the reliability of the results of these analyses.

The Congress "Mycotoxins and Cancer" organized by the Moroccan Society of Mycotoxicology (MSM) will be an opportunity to discuss about all these issues with the participation of world-leaders in the field of mycotoxins.

The support of the Lalla Salma Foundation Against Cancer, the assistance of concerned UN agencies (FAO, WHO, etc.) and the International Society of Mycotoxicology (ISM), of which the MSM is a national branch, are all guarantees for the success of this scientific event.

One of the key objectives of this scientific meeting is to reach the awareness of the public authorities, economic operators and health personnel to the danger represented by these toxic metabolites.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the International Congress  Mycotoxins and Cancer,
I would be happy to welcome you to Marrakesh from 24th to 26th of march 2016.
In addition to the highly attractive scientific program, we will try to make your stay as pleasant as possible in Marrakesh, one of the most attractive cities in the world.

Abdelrhafour Tantaoui El Araki
Président MSM

over 800 to 1000

expected participants

Number of visits