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Pr J. David Miller


Dr. Miller began his post-university career at Agriculture Canada in 1982, and became head of the Fusarium mycotoxin program in 1988. He became a Professor & NSERC Research Chair at Carleton University in 2000. From 1999-2008, he was a visiting scientist and science advisor at Health Canada. Dr. Miller has published >300 papers on and has co-written 8 books

on the public health aspects of exposures to fungi and fungal toxins, and has several patents. He was a member of the drafting committee of the World Health Organization IPCS monograph on fumonisin B1 (2000). He participated in International Agency for Research on Cancer Monographs 56 (1992) and 86 (2002) an IARC scientific publication on mycotoxins (2003-2006) and another on mycotoxins in developing countries (2009-2012) leading to an IARC publication on mycotoxins and public health in 2012 (Scientific Publication 158), and was co-editor of the IARC panel “Mycotoxin Control in Low- and Middle-Income Countries” (2015). He was a member of the Toxicology Study Selection and Review Committee that considers compounds nominated by the US Food and Drug Administration to the National Toxicology Program.

Miller received the AgExcellence Award from Agriculture Canada (1992), the Toxicology Forum Scott Award for contributions to toxicology (1998), the Applied Research Award from the Ottawa Life Sciences Council (2002). In 2013, Miller was elected as a Fellow of the American Industrial Hygiene Association. Dr. Miller has been a member of the Toxicology Forum since 1991 and serves on the Board of Directors.


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